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Updated: Jun 21


Terribly sorry for the long break. Things have been happening, and I (AQ) have some exciting news!

In March, I joined a poetry contest with Bookleaf Publishing and wrote a chapbook in a month-- and soon, that chapbook is going to be published! I am super excited to share this news, and I will be sure to update you all on when it comes out! As of right now I do not have an official release date, but I do know that it is in the publishing process right now.

The chapbook is called Essence, and it is dedicated to people who have made an impact on my life. The poems are about the "essence" of some of those people in my life, and while I had a limited number of poems I was allowed to write, I dedicate the book to everyone who has helped me or shaped me in some way. Which, is practically everyone, because we are constantly shaped by the people we meet and interact with, even if it was brief.

As always, thank you for reading, and be sure to be on the lookout for my new poetry chapbook soon!

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