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Weekly Update

Hi y'all! We've decided that we are going to start doing weekly updates to keep our content coming and provide posts for y'all to read! Depending on each week, we'll talk about random things. For example, one week we may give what music we're listening to right now, what projects we're working on, how we've been dealing with writer's block, and much more!

This week, we've been revisiting the site and determining how we want to keep content coming-- hence the idea for weekly updates. There isn't much we've done project-wise this week. AQ has been editing a new poetry book focusing on their mental health journey, while Gail has been world-building for his new DnD campaign that he's going to be dming!

AQ has also recently been accepted as an Ambassador for The Authors of Tomorrow (TAoT), which is a non-profit organization "dedicated to uplifting, empowering, and fostering the careers of young writers worldwide". It is a super cool organization that y'all should check out, especially if you're interested in writing! They host many events that help you learn to pitch, query, and even get feedback on your writing.

Anyway, this week we would like to recommend the song Lisa by Young Miko-- it's so good!

We hope all of y'alls weeks have been good! Feel free to comment how your week has been going and any projects (doesn't have to be writing!) you're working on! We would love to hear how you all are doing and interact with you all more! :)

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